Belkin WaveRest Series Gel Mouse Pad - Blue

Part No F8E262-BLU
SKU 4D997787
Manufacturer Belkin International, Inc
Country of Origin China
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Specs: Detailed Description:
Manufacturer: Belkin International, Inc
Manufacturer Part Number: F8E262-BLU
Brand Name: Belkin
Product Name: WaveRest Series Gel Mouse Pad
Marketing Information:

She needs that report in five minutes and you're cutting and pasting like a maniac, slamming your wrist onto your hard desk, you grip down on the mouse too tightly and start to loose feeling in your extended forefinger...Call the office manager and order yourself a WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad - because she'll always need that report in five minutes and you'll always need your wrists. The WaveRest Gel Mouse Pad offers ergo support for your wrists with its patented Wave design. The gel cushion creates a GelFlex Comfort Zone that contours to your wrist's natural curves and movements and helps reduce hand and wrist stress that can lead to Repetitive Motion Disorders.

Product Type: Mouse Pad
Color: Blue